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We Were There

In news coverage of disasters, large and small, The Salvation Army is seldom seen. But anyone who is part of the Army knows that we are always present, delivering physical sustenance and supplies, emotional support, and spiritual care to victims and first responders. In Priority!, the Army’s work has been front–and–center from our very first issue. In Spring 1999, “Raymonds Bring Hope and Health to Hurricane–Ravaged Honduras,” told of a family of doctors and other medical professionals who brought their skills to that nation. Two more articles, a cover story in Spring 2006, “Healing Hands in Honduras” and a Who’s News article in Summer 2012, “Triage in Honduras,” let readers know that the Raymonds’ commitment was long–term.

We Were There: Around the World

That has been another theme of Priority!’s coverage of the Army’s help following a disaster—whether natural or human–caused. We are there for the long haul. After Hurricane Katrina hit in August 2006, we provided immediate coverage (Winter 2006, “In the Eye of the Storm”) and follow–ups in Spring 2006 (“SATERN Rings True”), Winter 2007 (“Habitat Partners with Salvation Army in Biloxi Recovery”) and Summer 2008 (“Resurrecting a Rehab Center”). Likewise with the earthquake in Haiti, starting with a cover story, “Helping Haiti: The Salvation Army’s Powerful Response,” and following up with “New Manna for Haiti” (Summer 2010) and “Year 1: After the Quake” (Winter 2011).

After the Haiti Earthquake

Priority! covered the Army’s international disaster work: helping after the 2004 tsunami (Spring 2005); after violent unrest in Kenya (Spring 2008); in Kosovo and Iraq (Summer 2008); after an earthquake in Peru (Spring 2009) and Chile (Spring 2010), the earthquake and tsunami in Japan (Winter 2013), and a typhoon in Philippines and volcanic eruption in Indonesia (Spring 2014).

We also made readers aware of the Army’s presence closer to home: after Hurricane Jeanne (Winter 2005), California wildfires (Winter 2008), Midwest floods (Fall 2008), shootings in Pittsburgh (Fall 2009), tornadoes in Tuscaloosa, Ala. (Summer 2011) and Moore, Okla. (Summer 2013), and the I–35 bridge collapse in Minnesota (Winter 2008).

We Were There: Around the U.S.

Readers were most touched by Priority!’s coverage of two major disasters, the 9/11 terror attacks and Hurricane Sandy. A special issue, “After Sandy: The First Year” (Fall 2013) provided full coverage of the Army’s immediate and long–term response (continuing to this day). For 9/11, right after the event, Priority! ran a supplement, “An Abiding Presence in ‘The Pit’ ” (Winter 2002). Then, 10 years later, Priority! released a special issue, “9/11: We Remember” (Fall 2011).

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