We Were There: 9/11


What a great run Priority! has had. I think for me the [issue] about 9/11 was definitely one of the best. As devastation unfolded around us, the Army was at the forefront of meeting needs at the point of need. Your staff has done a wonderful job and I look forward to see what is new in the future.

Major Earline May

Columbus, OH

It is difficult to pick a “special” issue since all have had a quality of sensitivity, spirit, and class, but I would have to lean toward the special issue regarding 9/11. Being involved for the full nine months of the Army’s participation, it holds a special spot in my heart. Once again your sensitivity in the production of that one issue brings together the real quality of every issue: “Others.”

Major Gary Miller

Clearwater, FL


We Were There: 9/11


Wow, the end of an era! I always enjoyed the Priority! magazine. Part of the reason was because I am a “visual person,” and it was always well done. Thank you. Of course the issues that I appreciated, not necessarily enjoyed, were those that related to September 11 and Shanksville [Pa.] in particular. Thank you for always being sensitive to those articles, as well as others that had to do with emotional & spiritual care in disasters!

Major Claranne Meitrott

West Nyack, NY

While each issue has maintained the high standards set by the editor and staff, my favorite issues were those carrying the heroic stories of those involved in ministry at Ground Zero following the devastation of Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2001. The Lord used Priority! to chronicle and celebrate the true heroes of 9/11. The 10–year anniversary coverage in 2011 was a moving reminder of God’s continued working through the lives of those working at Ground Zero a decade later.

Commissioner William W. Francis

Orlando, FL

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