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Maye_Warren_2015After you read the next issue of SAConnects (magazine), you’ll probably want to choose a beautiful day and then take a nice long walk with the person you love.

For more than 20 years, that’s one of the things Commissioners Barry C. and E. Sue Swanson, territorial leaders, have done to keep their marriage and ministry on the path to success, and it’s working for them. After having walked together in 40 nations around the world, they know what it takes to stay on the straight and narrow path—of life.

In June, they’ll retire from service as active Salvation Army officers. Our story about them will surprise you, warm your heart, and inspire you to reach your goals and to embrace your loved ones for the sake of Christ.

You’ll discover how the Swansons found God, each other, and their calling as Salvation Army officers. They’ll share what they hope will be their legacy—and your future.

We’ll also report on a recent trend happening around the territory that will appeal to you coffee and doughnut lovers, Starbucks™ and Dunkin Donuts™ notwithstanding. You’ll read about the Army’s corps cafés that promise to kick start your day with something to eat, drink, and ponder from God’s word.

And we’ll show you how years ago the Army opened its first café in the heart of New York City’s famous West Village!

— Warren L. Maye
Editor in Chief

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