Vision 20/20

View from my window

While stationed at Territorial Headquarters in the Eastern Europe Territory, I had the unique privilege of ministering in places I would have never imagined. From the cobblestoned streets of Red Square in Moscow, Russia, to the mountainous regions of Romania and the Republic of Georgia, I would witness our fellow Salvationists fully engaged in mission and ministry to the lost and lonely. Under the headline “View from my window,” I would share my visions with others as a way of informing, encouraging, and motivating them to see what they might be able to do for the Kingdom of God.

What did I see?

Through the blessing of hearing aids received at a Moldovan Salvation Army medical clinic, a lady heard for the first time in 20 years. On the frozen streets of Moscow, a homeless man received his first hot meal in weeks from the Army’s street feeding program. In an abandoned building in Batumi, Georgia, I witnessed a group of Muslim women refugees read a Bible for the very first time. 

In each instance, we shed tears. A tear of gratitude from the eye of the recipient and a tear from the eye of this veteran officer as he once again saw the love of God playing out through The Salvation Army.

A part of The Salvation Army Manifesto says “I am blessed. I am a blessing.” Across the globe, the hands and feet of Salvationists serve in the name of Jesus. People are blessed. We can also be a blessing by keeping our World Services effort a vibrant part of Army worship.

Remember the Lord. Remember the World. Remember to give.

Colonel Kenneth O. Johnson
Chief Secretary

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