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Unwrap your ‘gift’

Maye_WarrenEvery good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights… 

—James 1:17

It’s Christmas morning. The sound of hands ripping away colorful wrapping paper is louder than any carol playing in the background, or a family member’s chattering, or bell ornaments tinkling. Mom, Dad,

the kids, and the house pet nervously and frequently brush against the lighted evergreen tree.

Anticipation fills the air; unbridled enthusiasm reigns, excitement quiv- ers every voice. That special moment has finally arrived!

With the same exuberance, Christians celebrate the birth of Christ as God’s unmerited gift to the world. While we were yet sinners, He came to us as a baby, wrapped in swaddling clothes. Jesus offered His life as a ransom for ours. And “by His stripes, we are healed!” (Isaiah 53:5).

Let us honor God by unwrapping the special “gift” He has placed in each of us. Yes, you have been “fearfully and wonderfully made!” (Psalm 139:14).

What is your gift? What do you do uniquely, effortlessly, and excellently? What comes easy to you? What do you do extremely well?

Before you answer, ponder those questions carefully for several minutes. Do people say you have a beautiful voice, are a whiz at math, possess a coordinated and athletic body, have a pretty face, the gift of gab, a way with words, an eagle eye, an ear for music, a green thumb, a taste for cooking, an organized mind, or a loving heart?

These gifts and more—presented in your own way—are needed today around the globe to help solve big and small problems and to meet human needs.

by Warren L. Maye

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