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Unsung Words of the Christmas Story – Part 1: But How?

Microsoft Word - Document1Because the Christmas account is one that is so familiar to us, without realizing it, we tend to gloss over words because they seem to roll off our tongue. What would happen if paused for a moment to reflect on those well- worn and somewhat overlooked words and phrases?


But how?

Mary said to the angel, “But how? I’ve never slept with a man.” Luke 1:34 (MSG)


“How can this be?” “How will it happen?” In other words….connect the dots…..give me the details….explain it. We want to be “in the know”. We are not necessarily well-wired for surprises. We like to know everything in advance so we can plan, prepare and…control.


We read of a virgin becoming pregnant in the Christmas story every year and sometimes it becomes rote. If we are not careful we breeze past Mary’s initial response, “But how?” Let’s be honest, that “how” question rolls around in our minds and off our tongues several times a day. “How will I get this done?” “How can I afford this?” “How do I explain this?”


What is important to note is not the contents of the Mary’s question, but the fact that she did question; that she was willing to ask it and the angel, a representative of the Almighty, willingly entertained it.


It’s OK to ask the questions; God is willing to hear them, big enough to handle them, and loves us through them. He is patient with us when we fret over the process of waiting for an answer. God welcomes the questions for they are the development of our faith.



Lord, thank you for allowing me to ask the questions and Your understanding I sometimes need time and space to process life’s questions. Help me make You the first source for answers and be willing to wait on You for the proper, life-giving responses. Amen.


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