Unleashing the Power of Nonstop Prayer

Major Janet Munn, ambassador for prayer and spiritual formation, spearheaded a yearlong 24/7 prayer initiative in the USA Eastern Territory that ended in June 2007. Priority! produced a special issue to look at the impact of 24/7 prayer. Munn wrote an article, ‘One Year from Now,’ to celebrate the year of prayer in the East and look forward to efforts around the nation.



“What a year it has been! Nonstop prayer across the USA Eastern Territory: 220+ Prayer Rooms established, with many, perhaps most, continuing indefinitely. There has also been a united call from individuals and divisions across the territory to continue—and so we are! This month, June, the USA Southern Territory is starting its own 24/7 year; the USA Western Territory will begin in September.

“As we look ahead to one year from now, the Lord God, who alone can do more than we can ask or imagine, knows for sure what will happen, but let’s try to dream God’s dreams, inspired by the Holy Spirit.”

Munn looked forward to continuing intentional and intensive prayer in the East; prayer rooms being used by people of every age and background throughout the territory; countless stories of healing and reconciliation; fresh and creative ministries, flowing from prayer, to the marginalized; a significant increase in reaching people for Jesus; Salvationists involved in intentionally growing in Christ; and a whole nation praying as a united Salvation Army on its knees.

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