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To Dance Again

I am an independent person who loves to dance. I love to help at the church. I admit, I have a slight obsession with cleaning. But who doesn’t like a clean church?

So, when doctors diagnosed me with multiple sclerosis, such news was difficult to accept. In just a year, my body drastically deteriorated. I had trouble keeping my balance and I stumbled often. I also developed double vision. My right hand and head constantly trembled so much, it made me look and feel like a “bobble head” doll.

Inside my head, my brain’s neurons were quickly losing myelin, a substance that covered them. And as it slips away, my neurons gradually send an increasing number of wrong messages to the rest of my body.

Then I heard Him answer me, “I will not heal you.” I began to weep. Then He also said, “But I will help you dance again.”
I was unable to help in the church as I always had done. I had to learn to depend on other people and give up my slight obsession with cleaning. And the most painful concession for me was giving up what I loved to do, which was dance. Losing my independence was difficult. On many days, I cried.

One day while praying in church, I asked God, “Please heal me.” I said, “I so much want to dance again!” I told Him how much I wanted to turn my body without struggling to keep my balance.

Then I heard Him answer me, “I will not heal you.” I began to weep. Then He also said, “But I will help you dance again. Every movement you make, you will make because of My strength, not just your own. Every step and every turn you take, it will be Me giving you the power to do it. Try it. Believe in Me, and see.”

So I did. In faith, I spoke with the director of a local dance team. I explained who I was, how my condition affected me, and, most of all, what God had said to me.

For six months now, I have been part of a dance ministry called ‘Yafuil’, based out of my church, ‘El Tabernáculo’ in Clarksville, TN. I have participated in three group and two individual performances, which have demanded of me plenty of quick turns and steps. As He said, I tried it, believed in Him, and I saw.

In life, there are many obstacles in the path God has set for us. They can be major tests, minor problems, or simply the Lord putting our feet to the fire to cleanse us.

Even in my most painful moments, I felt His divine presence.

All we need to do is look for the areas in life where we want to improve, close our eyes, and open our hearts to God’s help.

Trust that He is there waiting for you with open arms.

by Soldier Lavynia Galarza

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