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‘Time to Shine!’

Praise & Prayer Gatherings

Friday evening’s Praise & Prayer Gathering included many contemporary praise songs. The platform musicians and singers, as well as a TimetoShine_sm2spirit–filled audience, transformed the Great American Hall at Hershey Lodge into a worshipful sanctuary.

Among other musicians and singers, the Praise Band included song leaders Doug Berry, Lieutenant Emeline Watch, Simon Morton, Anna Street, Captain Lorena Castillo, Kip Moore, John Copeland, and Tony Cenname.

Brittany Parks of the Territorial Youth Department helped facilitate the “Worship Wall,” where people were invited to write prayers to the Lord or artfully draw what He has placed on their heart.

“We just wanted to create an atmosphere where people could freely worship in their own way. It was pretty beautiful,” she said.

Simon Morton, who attends the Queens, N.Y., (Temple) Corps, spoke to the audience and explained how, at a church in Spain, he saw a display of small chains that represented how people were no longer in bondage to sin.

TimetoShine_sm1During Morton’s appeal for people to come and pray, he said, “Don’t leave until you’ve hung ‘your chain’ on the [Worship Wall].”

Saturday night’s Praise & Prayer meeting, called “Let It Shine!” included several musical performances by Star Search participants, and vocal selections from the Eastern Territorial Songsters (ETS), marking 10 years of ETS ministry.

In keeping with the theme, Commissioner Rosalie Peddle, Zonal Secretary for Women’s Ministries, recalled how, as a young woman engaged in evangelistic outreach, she went down into a pitch–dark mine. For several hours she relished the idea of returning to the light.

“Christ is calling all of us to be great lights in a very dark world,” she said.

“Jesus is calling all of us to be Heralds of Grace. It’s time to shine!”TimetoShine_sm3


As many as 1,100 young people participated in Star Search 2015, representing hours of practice, hard work, and prayer.

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