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This fall, take your rest

It’s time for pumpkin spice lattes and hayrides. It’s the season for hearty chili in the crockpot and a cup of apple cider. It’s football and falling leaves; it’s harvest festivals and apple picking. There’s a lot to this season we enjoy. It’s my favorite season.

I think what I like most about fall is it’s a time of harvest and rest for creation. It’s a time to gather what we’ve planted, nurtured, and cultivated during many months. It’s a time to share in the ripe, delicious fruits and vegetables God has given to us. It’s a time full of flavor and abundance and it’s meant to be enjoyed.

There will again be soil to till, seeds to plant, and crops to raise. But for now, we have enough.

After the harvest, a time of rest and restoration begins. Natural processes, which have fed plants and trees, slow down and stop. Photosynthesis ceases. Chlorophyll (green pigments in the leaves) breaks down. For a few glorious weeks, we see the true colors of the leaves before they fall to the ground and become a natural fertilizer. When spring comes, the entire process begins anew.

There’s much to learn from creation.

When is your harvest time? Whether in ministry to others or in your own soul, do you know when you gather and enjoy the fruit of God? Do you have a season of abundance in your life?

Or do you move from project to project, program to program, week to grueling week, but miss the flavor of what God has grown?

How do you rest in the beauty of God’s creation? Do you give yourself a committed and regular Sabbath experience? When will you intentionally acknowledge and celebrate this past season of growth and life?

This month, slow down. Take time for you this fall. Commit to a break between the busy seasons. Celebrate what God has planted, nurtured, cultivated, and harvested in your life. Enjoy what has ripened and nourished your soul. Give your mind, life, hands, and feet a much–needed time of rest and restoration.

If rest is good enough for creation, isn’t it good enough for you?

by Chris Stoker

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