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Think: ‘thanks’

Maye_Warren_2015In this election year, it’s easy to be distracted by the political and social tension in our nation and overlook how everyday blessings truly sustain us.

In the next SAConnects (magazine), you’ll be encouraged to make your spiritual calling and election sure by thinking about and by thanking God.

You’ll read inspiring stories featuring people whose lives have been miraculously transformed. Their testimonies will help you refocus on what actually matters.

For instance, Jerome Wray, a youth counselor at Camp Swoneky, will talk about how the sport of archery has opened a thrilling door to ministry. He’ll share the advice he gives other counselors. He’ll also talk about Amy, his life partner who, during their two years of marriage, has helped strengthen his connection with God.

You’ll read about The Salvation Army’s Middletown (Citadel), Ohio, Corps. Renowned for sending soldiers to the College for Officer Training, it’s now home to the “Safe House.”

Through this successful program, God’s children seek help with addiction and reconnect with family. Together they walk a new path to become everything God created them to be.

Together with other exciting stories, such as the Territorial Arts Ministries (TAM) Conservatory Finale, you’ll also receive an effective tool designed to help you think of November as 30 days of pure thankfulness!

— Warren L. Maye
Editor in Chief

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