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The Seaside Pavilion

Using your gifts

theseasidepavilion_ins4Old Orchard Beach Camp Meetings exceeded my expectations. I am grateful for the opportunity to share a stage with so many diversely talented people and to meet others from the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

Our performances were focused on the community. We reached out to people who are not Salvationists and who don’t know all that The Salvation Army does.

At Old Orchard Beach, I used my talents for God’s purpose. Proverbs 18:16 says that our gifts will make room for us. I am grateful that I can use my gift to earn a living. But nothing feels as right as using it to give back to the Lord and to spread His message. No paycheck compares to that.

The Salvation Army is responsible for so much transformation in people’s lives. As an artist, such change is the reason I do what I do.

J’Maine Jones (above and far right) is a musician from Toronto, Canada.

Open Bibles on the beach, at pavilion

theseasidepavilion_ins3Daily Bible studies on the beach and in the pavilion kept many Old Orchard Beach (OOB) camp meeting delegates in the Word.

A warm sun, soft sand, and a cool breeze framed the beach Bible studies led by Lieutenants Felix and Lorissa Padilla, assistant corps officers at the Ray & Joan Kroc Corps Community Center in Dayton,Ohio.

Commissioners Judy and Steven Hedgren, former leaders of the Eastern Territory, led the Pavilion Bible study. They focused on leadership and drew their insightful lessons from the life of Moses.

theseasidepavilion_4Commissioner Steven Hedgren, who has battled cancer in recent years, said for the past year, he has been off chemotherapy. He and Commissioner Judy Hedgren have been traveling and speaking at retreats and at other events.

“I’m doing terrific,” Commissioner Steve said. “I’m in what you might call ‘remission,’ though the doctors don’t call it that. The cancer is still in my system, but it’s asleep, basically.

“It’s been the prayers of people that have generated such a wonderful feeling in Judy and in me. We’re telling people what God is doing in our lives.”

Lessons from ‘Moses’

theseasidepavilion_ins5For Oracia Morris (left, center), the presentation of “Moses” at this year’s Old Orchard Beach Camp Meetings was far more than just another performance. She saw it as a teachable moment.

“It’s the story of how God used an ordinary man who stuttered,” Morris says. “God used someone like that to set His people free. It teaches us how He uses anyone to get His message across or to help His people.

“I think that message—He uses anyone—is important.”

Morris, who grew up in the Bahamas as the child of officers, plays several roles in “Moses,” billed as “Thirty Minutes of Original Music and Movement.” A large, appreciative crowd filled the pavilion. Morris hopes everyone got the message.

“God is real,” she says. “He works within our lives and He sets us free from our addictions and problems.”

The Creative Arts Services Team (CAST) presented “Moses.” Josh Pelletier, Bethany Kelly, Olivia Renkel, Jonathan George, Sarah George, Alex Voeller, Zachary Kelly, Oracia Morris, Laura Hevenor, and Hannah Furman were the actors. Ian Evans leads CAST.

What is God calling you to do?

theseasidepavilion_ins2It was hard to miss hearing or seeing something about the biblical Moses at this year’s Old Orchard Beach Camp Meetings.

During the daily Bible study, Commissioners Judy and Steven Hedgren, former territorial leaders, used anecdotes from the life of Moses to teach listeners about leadership.

On the first Wednesday night of the meetings, The Creative Arts Services Team (CAST) “wowed” the audience with a cinematic and live–action production called “Moses.”

theseasidepavilion_ins6To close the camp meetings on the second Friday at the pavilion, best–selling author and motivational speaker Ken Davis (right) issued a challenge using the story of Moses.

Davis, who had studied to be in ministry, communicated his message by using a clever smartphone analogy. He noted that everyone gets calls on their phone and must decide to either “accept” or “ignore” the call.

“But what about when God calls?” he asked.

“When God calls, pick up the phone,” Davis said. “Answer it.”

Warren L. Maye, Robert Mitchell, and Hugo Bravo contributed to this story. Photography by Ryan Love.

View the livestream by clicking here.

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