The Arts for God

The second issue of Priority!, Summer 1999, featured Carol Jaudes, an actor fresh from six years in the Broadway musical Cats who had been hired to lead the arts ministries in the USA Eastern Territory. Carol writes about how she is still happy with her choice. 

God has overwhelmed me with what He desired for the arts ministries in the Eastern Territory! When I walked through the door He opened 15 years ago, I did not know what the arts for God could look like. But He did. He began gathering arts ministers to come alongside me. He knew that programs like TAM Conservatory and CAST (Creative Arts Service Team) would provide a community for people, young and old, who had a passion and gift for drama, dance, and other artistic expressions of worship. He knew that by guiding me step by step, the ministry would grow and impact more people for His purposes. He knew that the arts would grow to become a valued form of ministry that could speak to people with a power like none other. I am often asked, “Do you miss Broadway?” My answer is immediate and certain. “No. I loved that time in my life, but how can I miss it when I believe that all of those years were to prepare me for what I’m doing now?”

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