TAM Conservatory is coming to you!

Apply now for TAM Quarantine taking place on NEW DATES July 5-10, 2020 exclusively online, in your living room! The best news of all… NO auditions! Simply apply by filling out the Google Form here:


If you’ve already applied for TAMC this year, good job! We have your application in process so you don’t need to apply again (but you can if you want to!) We’ll be in touch regarding acceptances within a few weeks. A $25 fee for all delegates will be processed through your division. 

Don’t want to be on a computer all day?

Neither do we! TAMQ will take place in the mornings only, leaving your afternoons free before we join together again for evening programs. (Can you believe it? Free time during TAM!)


  • Wed. June 3, Applications due 
  • Sun. July 5, 7 pm Welcome Night
  • Fri. July 10, Finale (live-streamed)

What you need to know…

Major Tracks

  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Visual Art 
  • Worship Team (Music)


  • Freshmen entering high school/ages13-25 may apply
  • All applicants must fill out an online application
  • All applicants must be endorsed by their Corps Officer/Pastor, Divisional Youth Secretary, Creative Arts Director/Divisional Music Director, and Territorial Leadership.
  • Student enrollment will be limited.
  • A $25 fee for all delegates will be processed through your division.

What is TAM “Q”?

Due to the ongoing pandemic, this year the Arts Ministries Bureau is changing things up a bit. TAM Quarantine will take place at home, online. Some changes include; more focused one-on-one time with instructors, special guest appearances by working professionals, instruction held in the mornings only leaving the afternoons free before gathering together again for evening programs.

What is TAMC?

Territorial Arts Ministries Conservatory is a week-long artistic intensive featuring instruction by working professionals. For ages 13 +, young artists engage in training in their respective fields, encouraging spiritual development, artistic excellence, leadership in arts ministries, and innovative ways of communicating the Gospel. In addition to their chosen major, students also participate in technique and masterclasses, a spiritual formation small group, and have the opportunity to view and participate in high caliber productions.