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08 Jan 2016

FREE (Youth Councils) Drama Scripts!

These scripts were written for the annual Youth Councils Arts Training event that is sponsored by the Arts Ministries Bureau.The Youth Councils theme for 2016 across the territory is “One

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07 Jan 2016

Free! Children’s Dance Workbook

The Territorial Arts Ministries Bureau is proud to release our first Children’s Dance Work Book (ages five and up). This easy-to-use, print able booklet provides the dance instructors of our

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05 Jan 2016

TAM Conservatory 2015 Highlights

Highlights from TAM Conservatory 2015. To be a part of TAM Conservatory 2016, head HERE for more information!

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19 Dec 2015

“It’s beginning to look a lot like… Improv!”

Christmas is just around the corner, and with that comes Christmas parties! On Friday, December 18, the TAM team took a short journey down to Union, NJ and celebrated Christmas with

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23 Nov 2015

A Celebration of Thanksgiving – TAM visits Manchester (CT) Citadel

Members of the Arts Ministries Team were blessed to be part of the Manchester Citadel Thanksgiving weekend. It began with “A Celebration of Thanksgiving” on Saturday night. Rejoice always, pray continually,

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19 Nov 2015

The First Army On Its Toes Masterclass

An Army On Its Toes On Saturday November 7th, 2015 the Territorial Arts Ministries Bureau sponsored its first Army On Its Toes: Masterclass; a two hour dance class for advanced

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19 Nov 2015

Youth Councils Arts Training Day

Youth Councils Arts Training Day Fifteen youth and arts leaders from around the territory joined the Territorial Ministries Arts team for two days of workshopping dramas, a dance and a

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03 Jun 2015

What is TAM Conservatory? — Part 4

Students and Instructors discuss their experience at TAM Conservatory 2014 – Theme ‘ROOTED’. For more information, visit http://arts.saconnects.org/conservatory/ Visit the TAM conservatory Facebook Page for more information.

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