Taking Prayer to Detroit Streets

A Bed & Bread truck stopped every Saturday at the Detroit Harding Corps. Captains Javier and Kelsie Moreno, corps officers, saw it as an opportunity to offer snacks and prayer to those waiting for the truck to arrive.TakingPrayertoDetroitStreets02

“We minister in a rough neighborhood where you don’t see many smiles on the streets. So, to see a group of people with smiles and friendly faces—well, it’s happily received,” Kelsie says. …

“Our soldiers have really stepped up to the challenge to be involved in intentional outreach,” says Javier. “People are moved when we ask how we can pray for them … ”

Everyone from homeless people to business professionals have approached the outreach group for prayer.

“We’ve had people come by the corps and ask if any of those ‘praying people’ are here,” says Kelsie. “They know we’re a place you can come for prayer!”

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