14 Sep 2020

The HOPEline

Trained volunteers provide emotional and spiritual care during the COVID–19 pandemic. Silence can be deafening. Just ask an Emotional and Spiritual Care (ESC) specialist who is trying to connect with a

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08 Sep 2020

Shine the Light

Federal grant will help Army fight human trafficking. Gratitude looked like a bright smile on Sarah Medina’s face as she thought about the wonderful support that she and her colleagues

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06 Sep 2020

Ministry in Masks: Territorial leaders reflect on COVID–19

“The face mask will forever be a symbol of this time in history. Although it is typically used to hide one’s identity, our people have used it to reveal who

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20 Aug 2020

It’s not over until it’s over

EDS and Social Services team up against COVID–19 Heroism happens when people care so much for others that they forget about themselves and instead focus on the common good. Such

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31 Jul 2020

COVID–19 and mental health

The onslaught of COVID–19 has forced everyone to shelter in place and to worry about the ever–present danger of life–threatening illness and mortality. The harsh reality of disrupted routines, important

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16 Jul 2020

Inmates donate to fight COVID-19

“About 8 months ago when I went to Benner Township Prison, I thought I would speak to just a few inmates,” said Captain Daniel Gonzalez, administrator for the Adult Rehabilitation

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03 Jul 2020

A ‘donut’ day to remember

Gratitude is typically what one feels in response to another person’s selfless act of kindness. Such acts can happen anytime and anyplace—even in the parking lot of a donut store.

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27 Jun 2020

On Captain Emeline’s watch

Captains Chaka and Emeline Watch, corps officers of the Harlem, N.Y., Temple, understand the pain families feel today. “As officers, the biggest challenge for my husband and me is knowing

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20 Jun 2020

From anxiety to outrage to hope

A resurgence of the COVID–19 outbreak now would add yet another layer of complexity to an already exploding scenario for 2020. In the midst of massive and global protest in

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15 Jun 2020

Lieutenant Drigo represents

Passionate voices filled the air in Bushwick, Brooklyn, N.Y., and people came from far and wide to listen. They stood or sat on benches or knelt on the expansive Maria

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