15 Aug 2019

Open Call for 20/20 Speakers

The 20/20 Congress will feature several dynamic guest speakers who will be delivering short, engaging talks on a variety of topics relevant to the interests of Salvationists today. Each speaker

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11 Jul 2019

Pray Together/Oremos Juntos

The PRAY TOGETHER initiative is a simple, unifying prayer focus that can be shared throughout our territory, as we focus our petitions unitedly. It is suggested for use in Holiness meeting

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01 Oct 2018

Impactful Worship

Encourage Spirit–focused, well–planned, diverse worship that draws people to God. In his book, Celebration of Discipline, Richard Foster defines worship as “… a breaking into the Shekinah (glory) of God,

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13 Jun 2018

20/20 Congress Announcement

In June of 2020 The Salvation Army Eastern Territory will host the 20/20 Congress in Harrisburg PA. Commissioners Bamford are excited to announcement General Elect Brian Peddle and Commissioner Rosalie

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02 Apr 2018

Pathway of Hope

The story is told of a man who stopped to watch a little league baseball game one afternoon. He asked a boy in the dugout, “What’s the score?” The boy

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02 Mar 2018

Integración del Cuerpo y el ARC*

*Centro de Rehabilitación para Adultos  La Visión 20/20 de nuestro territorio nos guía en nuestra reflexión sobre el modo en que los salvacionistas podemos ejercer un impacto en el Reino.

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