01 Dec 2016

Three Holiness Journeys

The instantaneous and progressive paradox of sanctifying grace is outlined in “Three Holiness Journeys.” Each model is a legitimate Wesleyan viewpoint. The Shorter Way – sanctification now. Here is robust

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01 Nov 2016

‘3 Persons in the Godhead’

As Christians, we believe the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are undivided in essence and co–equal in power and glory. As our Handbook of Doctrine pithily states, “We

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01 Oct 2016

‘Three pillars of the Church’

The Church is variously depicted in Scripture as a body, a temple, a household, and a vine. Each image highlights a particular facet of the ekklesia, the “called out ones,”

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01 Sep 2016


Ecumenism comes from the Greek word oikoumené—“the whole world”—and refers to unity and universality. Today, the term relates to Christian denominational unity and cooperation within the worldwide body of churches.

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01 Jul 2016


In politics, education, and social sciences there is an ever–present tension between conservative and liberal viewpoints. Religion is no exception. Liberalism is a readiness to welcome new ideas and a

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01 Jun 2016


From 3rd century theologian Origen to contemporary writer Rob Bell, Christianity has pondered the very real tension between God’s saving grace and God’s eternal judgment. The narrative of Scripture and

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01 May 2016


What are the features of The Salvation Army that stand distinct from sister denominations and other Christian families? The answer is often expressed in that quite wonderfully evocative word, “Salvationism.”

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01 Mar 2016


Sound doctrine A new monthly column by Colonel Richard Munn “It is the dogma that is the drama” […] “set it on an open stage to startle the world.”— Dorothy

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