22 Dec 2020

Warming hearts and bodies

When “Maria” finally had enough of domestic violence, she packed up her four children late one night and fled Puerto Rico with just two bags and the clothes on her

17 Dec 2020

The joy of Christmas comes home

Maria Sanchez sat her four children down and gave them the bad news; their family couldn’t afford any Christmas decorations for their home this year—not even a tree. “The situation

30 Oct 2020

Fired up for Christmas

Hartford, Conn., Fire Chief Reginald Freeman wants children to enjoy better Christmases than the sad ones he experienced around age 10. “One of my parents struggled with drug addiction and

29 Sep 2020

Dashing to your door

Partnerships have been an ongoing storyline as The Salvation Army battles the COVID-19 pandemic. That has never been truer than in the state of Connecticut. Governor Ned Lamont recently announced

12 Aug 2020

IKEA assembles lodge donation

A few years ago, the Swedish furniture company IKEA* employed the marketing slogan, “Home is the most important place in the world.” However, thanks to a coronavirus-related donation of $2,500

10 Aug 2020

Finding her niche

Robin Brennan couldn’t just sit on the sidelines when COVID-19 hit. She wanted to get involved. In the end, she found her niche as a volunteer with The Salvation Army.

20 Jul 2020

Nomads for Christ

Five years ago, born–again Christians Frank and Shelley Dostie sold their Connecticut home and all their worldly possessions and bought a 29–foot recreational vehicle (RV). They decided to roam the

18 Jun 2020

Seeing new faces

Captain Charles Adams said New Haven, Conn., had become “quite a hotspot” for COVID–19 during May. “We have quite a few cases here, which is keeping people inside,” Adams said.

17 Jun 2020

Building community bridges

When it comes to a disaster like COVID–19, The Salvation Army can’t go it alone. They have to have partners. Lieutenant Michael Borrero, the corps officer in Meriden, Conn., learned

04 Mar 2015

Seminario Nacional En Evangelismo

¿Por qué debemos asistir al Seminario Nacional de Evangelismo?  ¿Tiene amigos y familiares que están lejos de Dios? ¿Le gustaría guiar a un vecino a Aquel que da propósito y