25 Jun 2020

King–sized treats

Nursing homes have truly been the ground zero of COVID–19. In late May, the Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity found that 42 percent of all COVID–19 deaths in the

23 Jun 2020

A moving donation

As many parts of the country are starting to reopen and return to some sense of normalcy from COVID–19, The Salvation Army in Bangor, Maine, is still feeding hungry families.

22 Jun 2020

Thrifty shoppers rejoice

The Salvation Army’s five family stores in the Worcester, Mass., area opened in early May to crowds of anxious shoppers. The local Telegram & Gazette newspaper said bargain–hunters were “just

19 Jun 2020

Hair–raising fundraising

Pastor John Keller, a leader at the Northgate Free Methodist Church in Batavia, N.Y., spent eight months growing his long, bushy red beard. Keller, who also serves on the advisory

18 Jun 2020

Seeing new faces

Captain Charles Adams said New Haven, Conn., had become “quite a hotspot” for COVID–19 during May. “We have quite a few cases here, which is keeping people inside,” Adams said.

17 Jun 2020

Building community bridges

When it comes to a disaster like COVID–19, The Salvation Army can’t go it alone. They have to have partners. Lieutenant Michael Borrero, the corps officer in Meriden, Conn., learned

14 Jun 2020

Fostering hope during COVID

“COVID–19 has disrupted schedules and routines that foster children depend on to make them feel safe,” said Angie Gillen, outreach coordinator for The Salvation Army Children’s Services: Adoption and Foster

13 Jun 2020

Drive–in worship

The Salvation Army’s York, Pa., Citadel Corps posted worship services on Facebook Live throughout the COVID–19 shutdown, but access to a computer was a problem for some people. “We wanted

12 Jun 2020

Smiles keep her going

Emily Mercado was about to leave for the night when she took one more phone call. The social ministries coordinator at the Lynn, Mass., Corps, was finishing up another exhausting

10 Jun 2020

Making lemonade—virtually

COVID–19 turned this year into a “lemon” for The Salvation Army in Central Ohio. However, its response was to “make lemonade,” as the saying goes, and they did it virtually.

08 Jun 2020

The return of Billy Booth

Life is slowly returning to normal in Ohio and the students attending Billy Booth’s Arts & Science Factory at the Akron Citadel Corps are thrilled. The popular summer program was