02 Oct 2017

Joy After Retirement

During the frenetic flurry of 2017, Major Stella McGuire had hurtled towards her official retirement date like a rider on a zip–line. After a 22–year career as a Salvation Army

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01 Jun 2017

The People You Lead

After 44 years, 10 months, and 15 days of service for God, Lt. Colonels Guy D. and Henrietta Klemanski are retiring from their roles as leaders of the Salvation Army’s

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01 Oct 2016

‘The best job in the Army’

Betty Blankenship retires Betty Blankenship, who had become a fixture at Territorial Headquarters (THQ), retired earlier this year after a 43–year career with The Salvation Army. But many people will

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01 Sep 2016

Commissioners Swanson Retire

  “The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places …” — (PSALM 16:6 NIV) Rarely if ever have two Salvation Army territories met at the crossroads of ministry in

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01 Jun 2016

A Ministry Journey Together

Commissioners Swanson retire They walked hand in hand through soft sands along a Puerto Rican beach, comfortable companions for life. Dressed in casual slacks and short sleeves, the couple may

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