06 Nov 2020

Heart for the homeless

Mayor Andrew Hosmer has put together a task force to deal with homelessness in Laconia, N.H. He’s also found Major Mike Davis, the local Salvation Army corps officer, who is

05 Jul 2020

Betty ages gracefully

When Betty Hensley was just 12 years old, WWII was on the horizon and she was about to begin her own great adventure. Her father gave her a golden jackknife

02 Jul 2020

One day at a time

It was early April and COVID–19 was raging. Salvation Army officers around the world were putting in exhaustive hours as they fed people and met their needs. In Burlington, Vt.,

01 Jul 2020

A cool donation

It pays to be connected. Rosemarie Dykeman, the director of social services for the Nashua, N.H., Corps, is one of the most connected people in town and it helped The

23 Jun 2020

A moving donation

As many parts of the country are starting to reopen and return to some sense of normalcy from COVID–19, The Salvation Army in Bangor, Maine, is still feeding hungry families.

29 May 2020

Room service–styled eating

When a local homeless shelter in Portsmouth, N.H., lost its volunteers because of COVID–19, the city’s AC Hotel stepped into the gap to provide daily meals. The hotel also decided

15 May 2020

Stepping up with a plate

Usually, the Salvation Army’s Kid’s Café in Manchester, N.H., is alive with the sounds of laughing children every evening from Monday through Thursday. Some of the city’s most vulnerable kids

09 Dec 2016

Youth Spotlight: NNE United

United in Northern New England  UNITED is both a worship and fellowship opportunity, as well as a gospel arts mentoring weekend for teenagers in Northern New England. On Friday night,