21 Aug 2020

The ‘army’ behind the Army

When Majors Moises and Jacqueline Rivera arrived at the Salvation Army’s Vineland , N.J., Corps last year, they immediately saw that the need in that community was larger than they

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11 Mar 2020

Hope after the storm

Superstorm Sandy didn’t last for 40 days and nights as did the Great Flood in the days of Noah, but Andrea Kassimatis and her family felt the devastating effects of

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16 May 2019

Faith for the Whole Family

  Sight & Sound Theaters sight-sound.com Our purpose (of Sight & Sound Theaters) is to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ and sow the Word of God into the lives

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08 May 2019

Lieutenant Mhairi Smeaton

Lieutenant Mhairi Smeaton, assistant corps officer at the Salvation Army’s Hazlet Outpost in New Jersey, talks about exploring other cultures, feeling victorious in community, and how God’s perfect love is

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05 Nov 2018

Building a Children’s Ministry
from the ‘solid’ ground up

A 10–Point Guide to Build your own Childrens’ Ministry: Have leaders with passion and experience work with children. Allison: : “You definitely need someone passionate for children, because if you

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16 Apr 2018

Olivia Renkel

Arts In Action | Testimony Series | Olivia Renkel For all my life the arts have been a significant part of who I am, even before I got involved with The

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06 Jul 2017

Mobilizing in Newark

Every year, The Salvation Army’s Newark (Westside), N.J., Corps’ KINSHIP program sponsors information fairs to make sure people in the community know what services are available to assist them. To

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02 Apr 2017

Teaching Kids Church

Felipe Concha and Annabel do Santos are often asked about becoming Salvation Army officers. “Maybe in the future,” says Felipe. “Not right now,” says Annabel. Raised in The Salvation Army,

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01 Apr 2017

Sal de tu rutina

Cuando los jóvenes del Ejército de Salvación agarran un instrumento musical por primera, algo puede despertar en su interior. Una tarde dedicada a practicar música también pude ayudar a un

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04 Mar 2017

Redeemed in Newark

When Cadet Joseph Cantrell was growing up in Howell, N.J., someone told him that, as a child of divorced parents, both of whom were on their second marriage, he was

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14 Feb 2017

A Spiritual Ball Carrier

Demetrius Marlowe’s stellar career as an athletic coach, pastor, and high school and college educator has offered him many opportunities to engage young people and bring out the best in

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