01 Jan 2017

Models for Mobilizing

In March, The Salvation Army Eastern Territory will offer training on the practice of “Integrated Mission,” one of the four Strikepoints continued by Commissioner William A. Bamford, territorial commander (see

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01 Dec 2016

‘Run with Perseverance’

Sports are excellent tools to help build healthy bodies, minds, and spirits. Fitness in these three areas is essential for optimum performance in life. In January, SAConnects (the magazine) will show

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01 Nov 2016

Catch the Vision

“Without a vision, the people perish.” (KJV) “Where there is no revelation, people cast off restraint.” (NIV) — Proverbs 29:18 In this (issue of) SAConnects (magazine), Commissioners William A. and

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01 Oct 2016

Think: ‘thanks’

In this election year, it’s easy to be distracted by the political and social tension in our nation and overlook how everyday blessings truly sustain us. In the next SAConnects

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01 Sep 2016

See the Light

A brush with death can cause one to see the Light.  In the next SAConnects (magazine), you’ll read Ada LaPorte’s story. In her own words, she was a rebellious woman

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01 Jul 2016

‘Only a click away’

As the staff of The Salvation Army’s SAConnects magazine celebrated their Award of Merit received at the Evangelical Press Association (EPA) Convention in May, Colonel Cheryl A. Maynor, the first

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01 Jun 2016

Evidence of His Love

In the July/August issue of SAConnects (magazine), you’ll witness how the Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Centers (ARC) continue to help rebuild troubled lives. You’ll also see new evidence that the

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01 May 2016

walking in love

After you read the next issue of SAConnects (magazine), you’ll probably want to choose a beautiful day and then take a nice long walk with the person you love. For

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01 Apr 2016

shattering assumptions

I will joyfully remember the Caribbean child who engaged me in conversation one day. She asked, “Where are you from?” When I said, “I’m from Ohio,” she narrowed her eyes,

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01 Mar 2016

a living Sacrifice

In our next (issue of) SAConnects, you’ll get a glimpse of what Romans 12:1 (“… offer your bodies as a living sacrifice …”) looks like when people take it to heart.

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01 Jan 2016

Serving a Troubled World

Here’s more on what’s in store for you in our March SAConnects (magazine), which will pay tribute to Salvationists from our territory who are involved in World Services. Headlines reveal

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01 Nov 2015

¿Qué viene ahora?

Durante los próximos cuatro meses, brindaremos alternativas positivas a las noticias de hoy. Revelaremos cómo pueden los ministerios deportivos ayudar a salvar vidas y hasta te haremos viajar en vivo

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