17 Nov 2020

The Advent Wreath – A Family Christmas Project

The word “advent means “arrival”.  The four weeks before Christmas are call the “advent season”, a time when we wait for the arrival of the Baby Jesus.  The advent wreath

19 Jul 2020

Trains, shapes, and ‘Mario’ Parties

7 board and video games for summer fun COVID–19 severely limited outdoor activities this year, so people are going back to tabletop games and other forms of indoor family entertainment

08 Apr 2020

Easter Prayer Walk

A Social Distancing Friendly Resource We’ve created a prayer walk that you can do in the comfort of your own home.  This family friendly practice can be easily done in

01 Mar 2018

This is Us — Is This Us?

“The Wedding” S2/E18 #ThisIsUs #IsThisUs It’s just a t-shirt, her brother says.  That’s true…but it’s Dad’s Daytona t-shirt, something that reminds Kate of her father, and she feels that it

30 Oct 2015

Advent Calendar for the Whole Family

Advent is so much more than lighting candles in a wreath during the worship service the four weeks before Christmas. “Advent” means “arrival of a notable person or event”. For