02 Nov 2017


In a sex–saturated society, people who choose not to have sex are a distinct minority. And yet, those who commit to chastity before marriage or lifelong celibacy as an expression

02 Oct 2017

Human Sexuality

We are sexual beings. Created by God, sexuality is a good, beautiful, and powerful human drive. But it is also fragile. Sexual appetite is part of what it means to

07 Jul 2017

Assisted Suicide

Modern medicine remarkably prolongs life. However, this can sometimes mean prolonged suffering. Nowadays, a mentally competent adult, diagnosed with a terminal illness and a life expectancy of less than six

03 Jun 2017


Humans are scarred by brokenness. While that is not news, there is a dimension to it that is especially malicious and deceptive, which many people prefer to ignore—addiction. Addiction is

04 May 2017


Abraham, Moses, the Israelites, Jesus, and members of the early Church were all refugees. Scripture is forceful with the admonition to care for the alien and foreigner in your midst