02 Mar 2018

Daze—Free Days

Category 5, Hurricane Maria hit the island of Puerto Rico destroying everything in her path… After a few days, something impressive happened. It was as if young people and children had woken up from a kind of hypnosis produced by technology.

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08 Nov 2017

I’ll Fight Day 2017

STAND FOR PUERTO RICO & THE VIRGIN ISLANDS ON I’LL FIGHT DAY 2017!   Due to the recent devastation caused by the hurricanes in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands,

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01 Sep 2015

Mi Juventud

Meditando en mi juventud, recuerdo que en el grupo de jóvenes del Cuerpo de Bayamón —al cual asistía— se cantaba mucho el coro: “Mi juventud está en las manos del

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