20 Feb 2018

PILATE, A Note From The Director

This project is a very exciting for us. Most of us on the TAM team come from professional or educational theater where we were accustomed to doing longer plays. In

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09 Jan 2017


What is Booth Youth? Booth Youth has a unique mission: to strive to inspire a generation of youth within The Salvation Army’s eastern territory to live for what matters most.

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01 Jan 2016

Relevents: Chuck Goodin

Chuck Goodin, Young Adult, Camp, and Sports Ministries Director, talks with SAConnects (magazine) about the importance of strong friendships, becoming a Christian at 18, and how the arts can bring

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01 Jan 2016


Teaching the Bible with bow and arrow Chuck Goodin, territorial young adult, camping & sports ministries director, is excited about the sporting activities taking place in various parts of the

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01 Jan 2016


La enseñanza de la Biblia con arco y flecha Chuck Goodin, director territorial de los ministerios de adultos jóvenes, campamentos y deportes, está entusiasmado con las actividades deportivas que se

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