Star Witness

Over the years, Priority! secured interviews with a number of celebrities.Many of them were not just stars, but star witnesses to faith.

StarWitness_2Fall 2001
Michael Tait

Best known for his days with dc Talk and now with the Newsboys, Michael recorded a song and accompanying music video for the film ‘Altars in the Street.’ The video was recorded over two days in New York City and involved about 1,000 at–risk children participating in Salvation Army summer programs.

StarWitness_3Winter 2005
Point of Grace

This Christian group debuted its album, ‘I Choose You,’ in a live hourlong nationwide radio broadcast from Theater 315 at The Salvation Army’s Times Square Corps.

StarWitness_4Spring 2007
Jim Cymbala

The pastor of Brooklyn Tabernacle (known worldwide simply as ‘Brooklyn Tab’) spoke at the USA Eastern Territory’s Mission Kaleidoscope Congress in Hershey, Pa. His wife, Carol, director of the famous Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, led some of the singing.




StarWitness_8Winter 2014
Donna Douglas

Donna, who played critter–loving Elly May Clampett on the popular television show ‘The Beverly Hillbillies’ for nine years often joined other celebrities to stand kettles in downtown Los Angeles. ‘They’re very loving, caring people,’ Donna said of The Salvation Army.

Winter 2009
Kirk Cameron

Kirk took the Christian world by storm in 2008 by starring in the film “Fireproof.” He told Priority! that the character he played in the film, firefighter Caleb Holt, was a lot like him as a young man. Caleb is not a believer in Jesus when the movie begins. Like Caleb, Kirk was a self–described atheist until age 18.

StarWitness_7Summer 2010
Joe Maddon

The manager of the 2008 American League champion Tampa Bay Rays (now with the Chicago Cubs) finds expression for his passion each year by hosting several ‘Thanksmas’ meals at Salvation Army centers. While baseball keeps him away from church on Sundays, he is a man of faith and has helped many others in his years in the sport.

StarWitness_9Spring 2011
Freddie Freeman

The sixth–generation Salvationist, now a power–hitting first baseman for the Atlanta Braves, grew up with The Salvation Army as his church. He attended the Tustin Ranch Corps in Tustin, Calif., where his family has been active for years, including with the Tournament of Roses Parade.


StarWitness_6Winter 2012
Sandi Patty

The Gospel legend sang for The Salvation Army at the Old Orchard Beach Camp Meetings in Maine, but some people may not know that she has also stood kettles in Anderson, Ind., and volunteered for Salvation Army disaster relief work in Oklahoma City.

StarWitness_12Winter 2013
Denise Richardson

Known for her work on ABC’s ‘Good Morning America’ and on PBS, Denise is communications director for The Salvation Army in the Greater New York Division. Her faith started as a young child, when she saw a vision in the sky, and continues to this day. ‘I’ve learned to live my faith, not just talk about it,’ she says.

StarWitness_10Spring 2013
Jeff Foxworthy

The best–selling comedy recording artist in history and the creator of the ‘You might be a redneck’ jokes, Jeff is now the host of the Game Show Network’s ‘American Bible Challenge,’ a show sponsored by The Salvation Army. You also might find Jeff ministering at The Atlanta Mission, a homeless shelter.

StarWitness_13Summer 2013
R.A. Dickey

The knuckleball pitcher reached lofty heights by winning 20 games in 2012, but he never stood taller than when he climbed
Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro to raise awareness and money for the battle against human trafficking. That is also a prime concern for The Salvation Army.



StarWitness_11Winter 2014
Phil Cooke

Phil is one of the few producers in Hollywood with a doctorate in theology; his mission is to help Christians engage the culture more effectively through media. In a digital age, Cooke says the church better get more effective or it will miss an entire generation.

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