Star Lake Musicamp 2015 RegistrationSLMC15-events

Glad you decided to join us this year. Please be sure to answer and complete all registration questions. If any question does not apply to you simply type N/A. Please do not click on submit more than once. Once you submit your registration, you will move to the thank you page acknowledging that your application was z received.

 “The cost of Star Lake Musicamp 2015 will be $250.00 per musicamper. If you are a Salvationist from the USA Eastern Territory, this fee will be billed to your divisional headquarters after camp has concluded – and they may contact you to collect all or a portion of this expense. (Please note: Divisions that approve musicampers that apply for SLMC 2015 but that do not attend musicamp will be billed a $25.00 application fee per non-attending camper.) If you are a Salvationist from outside of the USA Eastern Territory or a non-Salvationist applying to attend Star Lake Musicamp 2015, your $250.00 fee will need to be paid in full and in advance before you are approved to attend Star Lake Musicamp 2015.”


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