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Spiritual Reformation

Maye_Warren_2015“The universities, too, need a good, thorough reformation. I must say that, no matter whom it annoys.”


In our next SAConnects magazine, you’ll take a look at our amazing Christian heritage as descendants of Martin Luther’s Protestant Reformation of 1517. Colonel Richard Munn, territorial secretary for theology and Christian ethics, will talk about this year’s observance of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, put it in context, and explain why it is vitally important to our lives today.

So often forgotten is how the Reformation was as key in empowering the lives of young people as it was in reforming the Church itself. Our special feature on “Young Adult Empowerment,” one of the territory’s four “Strikepoints,” will update you regarding what The Salvation Army is doing now to help reform young lives.

Hugo Bravo, editor/Hispanic correspondent, and Robert Mitchell, managing editor, will highlight some of the people who invest their time in young lives in our territory and as far away as Zambia, Africa (see stunning photos by Ryan Love, staff photographer).

You’ll also read what kids in Greater New York, Massachusetts, and other divisions around the territory are saying about spiritual formation—and reformation.

— Warren L. Maye
Editor in Chief

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