Special Guests

Commissioners Dick & Vibeke Krommenhoek

Commissioners Dick and Vibeke Krommenhoek are living proof of The Salvation Army’s internationalism, Dick being Dutch and Vibeke being of Danish descent. During their 30 years of officership they have served the Kingdom of God in many different Salvation Army settings on the corps, divisional and territorial levels. For Dick and Vibeke this has meant living in different European cities, such as Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Paris, London and Helsinki. Last February they added Oslo to the list as they are presently serving as the Territorial Leaders of the Norway, Iceland and Faeroes Territory. In his previous appointment, Dick served as the General’s Representative for Global Evangelization, assigned to investigate and prepare for new openings in countries where The Salvation Army had not been officially present; countries like Namibia, Greece, Burundi, Mali, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Sierra Leone, Vietnam and Nepal. In the same time period, Vibeke was responsible for the opening of the work of The Salvation Army in Poland.

With anticipation, Dick and Vibeke Krommenhoek are looking forward to participating in the 2014 Old Orchard Beach Camp Meetings. They pray that through their ministry God’s Kingdom will be strengthened for growth and that Jesus Christ will be uplifted.

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