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24 Nov 2014

Boundless – Whole World Praying

We are in the middle of the Boundless: Whole World Praying initiative.  During this year of non-stop, international prayer, the entire Salvation Army world has been lifting voices in prayer

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27 Oct 2014

Called to celebrate Christ’s presence

e call Salvationists worldwide to rejoice in our freedom to celebrate Christ’s real presence at all our meals and in all our meetings, and to seize the opportunity to explore

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08 Oct 2014

Call to the Mercy Seat

he Call to the Mercy Seat” is the third call of the International Spiritual Life Commission’s “12 Calls for Salvationists.” This call declares that “We call Salvationists worldwide to recognize

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30 Sep 2014

Spiritual Life Development

Welcome to the Salvation Army’s USA Eastern Spiritual Life Development home page. It’s our goal to help you and those under your ministry grow spiritually.  Here, you’ll find blog posts,

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13 Aug 2014

Called to God’s word

We call Salvationists worldwide to a renewed and relevant proclamation of and close attention to the word of God, and to a quick and steady obedience to the radical demands

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11 Jul 2014

Called to be God’s people

n 1996, General Paul A. Rader (Ret.) called Salvationists to form the International Spiritual Life Commission (ISLC) to reflect “on matters of belief and practice touching our very heart as

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