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13 Feb 2018

Candidate’s Seminar Devotions: The Story After… (Part 3)

How Are You? It’s been a little over a week now. You’ve come down from the mountain. Your heart might still be in the clouds, but your feet are back

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08 Feb 2018

Candidate’s Seminar Devotions: The Story After… (Part 2)

Patterns I have a bit of a pattern problem. I’m really intrigued by them. I always look for them. Most of the time it’s not even on purpose. I can

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05 Feb 2018

Candidate’s Seminar Devotions: The Story After… (Part 1)

Beyond Words Overwhelming. Stupefying. Staggering. Astonishing. Compelling. Humbling. Awesome. A few words that Isaiah might have used to describe the experience of his vision. What words would you use to

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31 Jan 2018

Candidate’s Seminar Devotions: The Story Before… (Part 4)

From Faithful to Faithless (and back) The book of Isaiah opens with these words, “The vision concerning Judah and Jerusalem that Isaiah son of Amoz saw during the reigns of Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz and Hezekiah, kings of

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29 Jan 2018

Candidate’s Seminar Devotions: The Story Before… (Part 3)

The death of Uzziah (2 Chronicles 26, Isaiah 6) Isaiah 6 opens with the words “In the year that King Uzziah died.’ In the scope of biblical history, these words

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25 Jan 2018

Candidate’s Seminar Devotions: The Story Before… (Part 2)

The son of Amoz. “Isaiah, son of Amoz.” Thirteen times, Isaiah is referred to specifically as “Isaiah, son of Amoz.” Isaiah is mentioned in the Old Testament a grand total

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07 Nov 2017

Confronting Our Nothingness

(an excerpt from The Way of the Heart, by Henri Nouwen) In order to understand the meaning of solitude, we must first unmask the ways in which the idea of

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01 Nov 2017

What does an extrovert know about silence and solitude?

When I first started out in ministry someone shared the concept of silence and solitude with me as a spiritual discipline. I was both frightened and dreading it as if

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24 Oct 2017

Our Restless Hearts

At most of our Spiritual Life Development retreats, we will use liturgies that we’ve created as a means to guide our prayer time. These liturgies serve several purposes. They expose

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17 Oct 2017

Alone Together

Silence and solitude is a powerful thing. When one is able to truly center down and wait on and listen to the Holy Spirit’s speaking it brings an intimacy with

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10 Oct 2017

The Still Axis

Have you ever had a moment while watching the morning news when you just become overwhelmed by all that is going on in the world? Earthquakes, monstrous storms, terrorist actions

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03 Oct 2017

Beautiful Questions On Silence, Solitude & Community

In a quiet corner of Camp Allegheny, nature’s song accompanied by occasional cars, is joining different sounds from below the hill, arising from our Western Pennsylvania family, enjoying a late

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