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Six tips to help orange run smoothly!

As I entered my fourth–period class, something happened that left my stomach in knots. After two years of mastering the clarinet (the definition of “mastering” is admittedly loose), my band conductor handed me a new instrument—the tuba. It wasn’t its bulkiness and weight that made me nervous; the music was completely different. My participation in the fall concert was in serious jeopardy.

Or, at least, so I thought.

Surprisingly, however, by the time the concert rolled around a couple of months later, I was able to play each piece with my bandmates. Once I started practicing, what seemed overwhelming and impossible turned out to be easier than anticipated. Day by day, my playing grew easier until it was as if I had been playing the tuba for years.

Has this ever happened in your life, when something that first seemed impossible actually ended up being easier than you anticipated?

As the ORANGE Sunday school rollout continues across the territory, many people are discovering a similar experience. While ORANGE is new and different, mastering it isn’t as challenging as once thought.

Below are six tips that will help you discover this truth. As you continue to learn, your ability to harness the power of this incredible new resource will grow.

Tip 1: Positivity Is Powerful
Few things are as powerful as a leader with a positive attitude. When a leader chooses optimism and positivity, the entire class or corps is affected. So whether you are the corps officer, Sunday school teacher, or a student—practice having a positive attitude! The results will surprise you!

Tip 2: Start Small
You don’t have to use every piece of material included. Each week of ORANGE is packed with more resources than most teachers can utilize in a single class. Like an overstuffed suitcase packed to the limit, each week’s lesson overflows with loads of incredible resources. However, don’t feel pressured to use it all. Put together the best experience for your class and look for opportunities to use the leftover material later (more on this in Tip #4).

Tip 3: Enlist the Youth
Are you scared of not knowing the difference between a PDF, an MP4, or a DOC file? Ask for help from the youth in the corps. They speak the “techie” language. Giving them an opportunity to help is empowering, and, oh yeah, the task won’t stress them out! Your youth can make light work of this job.

Tip 4: Don’t Stress About Technology
While we’re discussing technology, please feel free to refuse any other stress connected to it. While each lesson comes with videos, your corps doesn’t have to utilize them. So whether you have teachers who prefer to teach the lesson themselves, or if your corps can’t afford the necessary equipment, everything you need for a fabulous Sunday school is packed inside each week’s material— video, music, or nothing at all.

Tip 5: Use ORANGE with Midweek Programs
In the coming months, each 252 Basics lesson (elementary school) will come with two teaching videos: the movie and the story. Consider pairing the movie teaching with the activities left from Sunday to create engaging and memorable teaching time during your midweek programs. The experience will be new even to students who attend both events and will require less prep time!

Tip 6: Ask for Help
You aren’t alone! If you have questions, there are places where you can turn. First, ORANGE has a staff of “ORANGE Specialists” (OS) whose sole purpose is helping leaders with any questions that arise. For The Salvation Army, ORANGE has hired Jackie, a Salvationist OS who is specifically assigned to help corps. You can reach the OS team by emailing Jackie ( Also, you can find help, day or night, on the Facebook group called “Thinking ORANGE in The Salvation Army.” Check it out for quick feedback from the ORANGE team and other Salvationists!

by Captain Stephen Mayes

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