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Show Your Shield is a Territory-wide, one-day event, which, as the name suggests, is a day when everyone who is associated with The Salvation Army Eastern Territory is invited to “Show Your Shield” either by wearing the iconic red shield or the Soldier’s uniform in public, creating opportunities to share about your connection to The Salvation Army and what being a part of the Army means to YOU.

On Wednesday, May 15, 2019, right in the middle of National Salvation Army Week, everyone who is affiliated with the Army – every Officer, Soldier, Jr. Soldier, Adherent, Volunteer, Board Member, Kettle Worker, etc. is being invited and challenged to let their Army flags fly, and to engage neighbors, coworkers, and classmates in meaningful and personal conversation about their relationship to the Army.

These kinds of opportunities are available anytime and anywhere: at work, the marketplace, in school, at the gym, etc. Anywhere you visit on a normal day presents an opportunity to share about the value of service, and your experience with the Army.



Make the shield a prominent part of your clothing ensemble for that day. Click HERE or on the assets below for a selection of caps, shirts, pins, stickers, temporary tattoos, and more.


At work, in the neighborhood, or at school, when someone asks you about your uniform or the red shield you’re wearing, what will you say about your relationship and role within the Army? This creates an opportunity to share with others something that’s important to you. If you choose to wear your uniform to work, we have drafted a letter to your employer you will find in the assets section below.


Thinking about what you might say ahead of time is a good way to prepare and a way of being considerate of people’s time. Take a moment to complete the following sentences. I belong in The Salvation Army because… To me, The Salvation Army’s shield is a symbol of… I wear this uniform because…


If no one asks, are you willing to spark that conversation? For instance, “I’m dressed like this because today is Show Your Shield Day, and I’d like to tell you about what being a part of The Salvation Army means to me.”





Wearing your shield or uniform, post a selfie of just yourself or with someone you’ve just met with the hashtag #ShowYourShield.


Complete the following sentence in your status: Today, I’m showing my shield, because… Or, Consider writing a post that explains what the Salvation Army means to you.


Show your support by using the Show Your Shield picture frame. Click here to get it:


Click the phone on the right of the screen for more ideas on how you can Show Your Shield.


  • Provide an opportunity for reflection and conveying the meaning and value of soldiership, membership, and other kinds of affiliation with The Salvation Army which can help form missional identity and focus.
  • Build naturally on the General’s Mobilizing initiative.
  • Push for the People-oriented goals of the Territorial Commander’s 20/20 Vision.
  • Cultivate a robust sense of identity and belonging in the Army.
  • Provide opportunities for Soldiers, Adherents, and partners to articulate the value, meaning, and importance of their affiliation to the Army.
  • Cultivate broad personal ownership of, and investment in, the Army’s mission.
  • Gain a sense for the potential ministry value and identity-formation value of the uniform and the shield.
  • Provide opportunity to The Salvation Army’s affiliates to share the work of the Army with a broader audience.

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