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Serving a Troubled World

Maye_Warren_2015Here’s more on what’s in store for you in our March SAConnects (magazine), which will pay tribute to Salvationists from our territory who are involved in World Services.

Headlines reveal that humanitarianism around the world is under siege. And although in troubled lands the stakes are higher than ever, we’ll show you how Salvationists are still determined to go and to meet human need in His name.

For example, you’ll read what Captain Dwayne Barnes did in the Republic of Congo and how it even inspired and astounded him. On the morning he was to participate in both a Holiness Convention and a Brengle Institute, he says, “I was told, ‘Captain, this morning, you will be enrolling 70 junior soldiers.’ ” And I thought, Oh, my goodness! ‘And while you are doing that, 350 senior soldiers will be enrolled.’” Barnes said 10,100 Salvationists witnessed these enrollments.

You’ll also discover what touched Alastair Bate’s heart as he witnessed the battered Southwest Pacific island chain of Vanuatu recover in the aftermath of Cyclone Pam. The Category 5 event with winds reaching 165 mph might have been devastating, had it not been for Bate and Salvationists from other territories who were on the ground to join other agencies in response to the dire need. He writes, “Most important is the encouragement; news that all is not lost. There is hope.”

— Warren L. Maye
Editor in Chief

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