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Maye_Warren_2015A brush with death can cause one to see the Light. 

In the next SAConnects (magazine), you’ll read Ada LaPorte’s story. In her own words, she was a rebellious woman who survived an abusive relationship and a near–fatal knife attack. In the aftermath of her ordeal, you’ll see how her turn to Christ and to The Salvation Army galvanized an entire community to lovingly support her in Puerto Rico.

You’ll also read about Bill Burke, the Army’s national advisory board chair, a senior vice president of marketing for Nationwide Insurance in Ohio, and a graduate of Grace College and Theological Seminary in Winona Lake, Indiana.

Bill will tell you about his hometown of Yonkers, N.Y., and how he and Marianne, his wife, spoke with  Captains Cilianise and Luxene Claircius of the Yonkers Citadel about how they are helping to make a difference in that community.

By the way, thank you for supporting SAConnects, the website, and our visual media teams. On June 2, a record 2,259 viewers read our newest articles online. At Commissioning, attendees grabbed copies of SAConnects at every program. Most recently on Facebook, we reached 10,909 viewers with our “Welcome Video” by Commissioners William A. and G. Lorraine Bamford, territorial leaders.

Praise God for His glorious Light!

— Warren L. Maye
Editor in Chief

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