Salvationist Servants

Priority! showcased people who found the Lord against all odds. But we also featured many people who were already dedicated Christians. The feature category ‘All That I Am’ is the title of a song by Bandmaster William Himes, who wrote it when his wife was terminally ill. The chorus expresses Himes’s total surrender of himself to the Lord. The people featured under ‘All That I Am’ are Christians who can sing this song with him:

All that I am, all I can be,
All that I have, all that is me,
Accept and use, Lord,
As you would choose, Lord,
Right now, today.

Take every passion, every skill
Take all my dreams
and bend them to your will
My all I give, Lord,
For you I’ll live, Lord,
Come what may.


SalvationistServants_1SPRING 2002
Captains Josh & Cat Lyle 

On a new ministry, The Summit, they began in Derry, N.H.: ‘It’s not this particular place that’s important. It’s because I know we’re in God’s will. When you know that, there’s nothing like it.’ —Captain Catherine Lyle




FALL 2002
Delilah Collier, Order of the Founder

‘We don’t know the full joy of the Lord until we can fully surrender all to Him. If we can just be faithful. If we can just be willing. If we can go in the power of the Spirit, God will take care of everything for us.’



SalvationistServants_3SUMMER 2007
Beth Budry 

‘Even though I’m blind, God gives me that inner peace because I trust Him in all things. Each step I take, I know He will guide me to higher ground.’

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