Salvation Story


The mission of Priority! is to ‘promote holiness, prayer, and evangelism through the life stories of God’s people.’ Under the category ‘Salvation Story,’ we have run many articles about people who have been saved by the grace of God. Interestingly, most of those people, introduced to Jesus by someone else, in turn had a burning desire to introduce Jesus to others. So, in telling stories of these evangelists, we were ourselves offering Jesus to our readers. And we do so again, in these ‘short takes.’

Winter 2000
Street Vendor for Jesus

Winter 2004
From Pitiful to Compassionate

Summer 2006
In Darkest Russia and the Way Out

Spring 2007
‘William Taylor, Come Forth’

Spring 2008
Cleaning Up In Honolulu

Summer 2010
Buddhists Find ‘The Way’

Fall 2012
‘Son, You Don’t Have to Live Like This’

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