Salvation Army Servants

SalvationArmyServants_1WINTER 2011
Majors Kris & Camie Potter

On their appointment in Salinas, Calif., which was part of El Camino Real (the ‘Royal Way’) that dates back to the 1700s: ‘We really believe that God has brought The Salvation Army to the people here to show them the “royal highway” to God.’ —Kris Potter





Solimar Lugo–Machado

‘I want to obey Jesus, and I’m not looking back. … He’s my best friend!’





SalvationArmyServants_3WINTER 2012
Viki Payton

On her ministry to fellow ‘MKs’ (missionary kids): 

‘I knew this was the ministry that made me feel truly alive, like I was doing what I was created to do.’





Amanda Thompson 

On her ministry to teens in the ‘Bridging the Gap’ program: 

‘It’s amazing how God can take all your thorns and all the horrible things that have happened to you and totally make them make sense in one job.’



 FALL 2012
Jeremy March & Xavier & Javail Bourne

The three were ‘Ivy League Siblings’ at Cornell University. ‘You want to have a relationship with God no matter what you do … It will come back to you in the long run. God will bless you when you seek Him first, and then everything else will come after.’ —Xavier


Major Holly DanielsSalvationArmyServants_6

‘Christ is my new identity. I’m not what the world tries to say I was. I’m not all of those horrible things that happened to me in my life. So Christ, to me, means newness.’

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