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The Salvation Army World Services Theme 2018

The USA Eastern Territory is moving forward with our 20/20 Vision plan and seeking a God–inspired vision for the future. This includes our World Services giving. I am asking that all soldiers and friends of the Army participate in our World Services, and do it “With Eyes Wide Open.” As part of our 20/20 Vision challenge, we will consider the words of Jesus to the disciples in John 4:35 (ISV). He said, “Look, I tell you, open your eyes and observe that the fields are ready for harvesting now!” We are responding to this challenge in the 130 countries where The Salvation Army is serving around the world, and in your community too. If you will take time to look and observe examples of our ministry, I am sure that you will find it in you heart to participate in our World Services program. In doing this, you will be participating in a great worldwide spiritual harvest.

Just as Jesus showed the disciples the ministry opportunities that were right before them, I pray that each World Services video you watch, ministry story that you hear, and personal spiritual challenge that is put before you, will engage you in this God–inspired mission.

To view and download the resources for World Services please our world services page.

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