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Relevents: Donna Hannan

DonnaHannan_insDonna Hannan, soldier of the Lewiston/Auburn Corps in Lewiston, Maine, talks about introducing young minds to the Lord through Sunday school, and lessons learned from the book of Luke.

Luke has a wonderful verse that reminds me of God’s love. “Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? Yet, God forgets not one of them. Don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.” Though sparrows may seem small or insignificant, God gives them His full attention and love. When life is difficult, we remember God is always watching over us. He takes care of all the creatures of the earth—from His favorite creations (us) to the tiniest sparrows.

My six–year–old daughter, Callie, is an incredibly kind-hearted, loving girl with a sly, creative streak in her. I had her when I was 19. Every day I feel blessed to be her mother. She’s a gift from the Lord and I thank Him for bringing her into my life.

I am a Salvation Army soldier. I have seen family members become Salvationists. An uncle, who is like a father to me, became a soldier too. As early as I can remember, I attended corps meetings. But when I turned 13, the services began to feel more personal and intimate than other church gatherings I had seen. Today, I’m preparing to enter the College for Officer Training (CFOT) in the fall. I went from attending Army services, to participating in its programs, to becoming a soldier, and finally, to hearing the call to officership.

DonnaHannan_mainThe Harry Potter books are some of my favorites. Besides the “magical” aspects of the books, I think what appeals to me about the series are the students and their teachers. They learn from each other how to become better people. As a teacher myself, I can relate.

The most rewarding part of teaching Sunday school is seeing how young minds respond to lessons about God. I teach Pre–K and Kindergarten classes. I love knowing that I can play a part in their spiritual growth. It’s so empowering to see the quietest children in the class ask me to pray for them or they correctly answer questions about the life of Jesus. Children’s faces light up with joy when they learn about God’s love.

interview by Hugo Bravo

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