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Recycling, Reclaiming, Reflecting

Recycling, Reclaiming, Reflecting

SteelesIn this SAConnects (printed magazine), you’ll read how the Lord is working through the ministry of the Adult Rehabilitation Centers (ARC) in the Eastern Territory. From its beginnings, the ARC has practiced three ”R”s; Recycling goods, Reclaiming lives, and Reflecting Christ. In our territory alone, this ministry touches lives in 36 centers and in 255 family stores. That’s 5,000 employees and about 14,000 beneficiaries.

Through generous donations, we provide the resources needed to support the ARC and offer work therapy to bring about personal satisfaction and a sense of self–worth to the men and women enrolled. This is truly recycling.

As you read the personal stories of Stanley Jackson and Marilyn Canty, you’ll see that lives are still being reclaimed. They’re just a sample of the many miracles that happen daily as the Gospel touches people in these centers. For example, from Oct. 2013 through Sept. 2014, 4,000 men and women accepted Jesus as their Savior. We can say with confidence that the Lord is using the ministry of the ARC to reclaim lives.

Our goal is to reflect Christ. Through the generous support of the territory and the Strikepoint initiative, we’ve explored new ways to reflect God’s love. In this issue, you’ll also read about the Learning Center in Paterson, N.J. Other initiatives across the Command include a learning center in Harrisburg, Pa.; evangelistic and corps outreach in the Syracuse, N.Y., area family stores; a “Soup, Sandwich & Salvation” program in Wilkes–Barre, Pa.; a block/family carnival and concert in Cleveland, Ohio; a basketball outreach in Columbus, Ohio; as well as regional ARC/corps rallies.

These initiatives, along with our more traditional programs, exist to reflect Christ. We pray that you will be inspired by the stories you read and that you will remember to pray for the ministry of the ARC as we continue to Recycle goods, Reclaim lives, and Reflect Christ.

—  Lt. Colonels Hubert S. Steele, III and Kathleen J. Steele

Article taken from the printed SAconnects Magazine

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