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MunnRichardRacism is the belief that one’s own race is superior. It is present in us all to some degree and must be rigorously countered.

Racism can be subtle and embedded even though people avoid using direct racist terminology. Racism can also be overt, systematic, and cruel, as epitomized by the slave trade, the Holocaust, apartheid, the caste system, and the treatment of indigenous people.

The category “race” has no scientific basis. The idea of different races is a social construction.

The Human Race
All humans are created in the image of God. This divine likeness is unique in creation. The Bible emphasizes that all humans share one blood.

The People of Israel
Beginning with the fact that Jesus was born and crucified as a Jew, Scripture records the unique role embodied by the people of Israel. Thus, Hebrew culture is forever part of the salvation story.

Relations between Jews and Gentiles are part of that story. A Biblical principle emerges: Jews do not cease to be Jews; Gentiles do not cease to be Gentiles. Ethnic differences, however, are to be no barrier to unity in Christ.

Citizens of Heaven
A theme throughout Scripture is the global reconciliation plan of God. The image is one where a multitude “from every nation, tribe, people and language” stand before the throne.

Christians find unity in Him, rather than in ethnicity. This counter cultural force is great for an international army.

by Colonel Richard Munn

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