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Psalms in Nature

mountain riverThe beauty of God’s creation draws us to delight in God’s goodness and his loving presence in the moment.  And the prayers of the Psalmist gives voice and shape to our struggles and longings and connects us to God’s loving heart.

Meditating on Scripture (God’s special revelation) in it’s nature setting (God’s general revelation) is a powerful combination for our devotional life!

We’ve created a booklet that you can take along with you as you explore God’s creation.  It pairs a Psalm and a part of nature and asks questions to help you focus on what God is saying to you in that moment.

We pray that this booklet is helpful in creating a joyful and renewing experience, as you pray Psalms in their nature setting.

To download this printable resource, please click here. Or if you would like to use this resource from you phone or e-reader, click here.

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