Presidential Prayer Circle

Then–Captain Richard Munn tells of an opportunity that came for a small prayer circle to pray with President George W. Bush.

The idea to pray came on the spur of the moment. The formal welcome of the President and his entourage had taken place. The visit with the seniors and the rapid–fire questioning from the press was over. The room was beginning to empty. There was a pause in the momentum.

“Would you mind if I prayed with you?” I cautiously offered.

PresidentialPrayerCircle_01“Let’s do it!” was the ready answer from the President. With that, he reached out and formed a spontaneous prayer circle that also included my wife, Janet, and our community services director for Northern New England, Barbara Plimpton. …

That Friday morning in a Salvation Army gym, four people gathered in a prayer circle. One happened to bear the “crown” of earthly leadership. But I am sure that each of us felt equally privileged to gather together before the throne of the one and only King.

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