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Prayer walking

A common concern people voice about prayer is their struggle to maintain mental focus. You are not out of the ordinary if you find yourself thinking about your to–do list or daydreaming instead of talking with God during prayer time. One way to remedy this problem is to take a prayer walk. This is the perfect time of year to integrate meditation and exercise by using the environment around you to stir you physically and spiritually.

Walking can invigorate a sluggish body and soul. So often we forget that the care and health of our bodies is just as much a spiritual discipline as is prayer. Looking up into the blue sky refreshes our sense of the greatness of God. We can allow the sights, smells, and sounds of the world around us to remind us of His presence. The cadence of our pace—or occasionally stopping to observe a part of nature that we so often take for granted—can enable us to concentrate in prayer more easily than when we are still with closed eyes.

How to begin:

This form of sacred rhythm is as easy as going to a nearby park or just stepping out your front door. Make sure you have on a comfortable pair of shoes, and consider taking a small notebook and pen or pencil to record your thoughts and journal your prayers.

•  Open your eyes

Find a space where the center of your vision is clear of human–made objects such as buildings and roads. Look at what you see around you in nature. What strikes you most? What is God saying to you through your eyes?

•  Only listen

Find a space where traffic noise and other distractions are at a minimum. Close your eyes and just listen to the sounds of nature around you. Is God speaking through the sounds of creation?

•  Feeling your way

Reach out and touch something of creation around you. Is God using this object to tell you something?

•  Breathe in

Take a few slow, deep breaths. Ask God to fill you with peace and joy as you inhale.

•  Space to think

Hopefully each of your senses has helped to lead you into prayer in some way.

If you would like to read more about experiencing creation in a prayer walk and read all the territorial prayer requests, go to

by Colonel Janice Howard


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