Prayer Shields Against Urban Dangers

Ashish Pawar came from India to be an evangelist, a ‘Firecrest missioner,’ at the Magness–Potter Community Center in Nashville, Tenn. He said he had to ‘ratchet up’ his prayer life and surrender his fear of urban ministry to the Lord Jesus. One of the things he did was to participate in Prayer Walkers.PrayerShields02

They walk around the neighborhood, singing hymns and stopping, as the Holy Spirit leads, to pray and witness.

“Prayer Walkers has become something of a fixture to people around here,” Ashish says. “At first they were curious about what we were doing, and about the Salvation Army flag we take with us. But most are not so curious anymore … they know who and what we are!”

Ashish says his prayer life has sustained him through several tense encounters in the crime–ridden community. …

“My dad often reminds me that he held me when I was a baby and gave me back to the Lord for His service. That’s why today I can walk down any of these streets and actually feel God’s presence all around me, protecting me!”

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